Dispensing/Sampling Booth

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The Dispensing/Sampling Booth is a LAF recirculation booth with product and personal protection (working principal of a Dispensing/Sampling Booth). these conditions are ensured by means of targeted air recirculation. A clean and low-turbulence air flow (laminar air flow) vertically flows into the work area of the dispensing/sampling booth and is vacuumed in the bottom area. Airborne substances are collected in a controlled manner. The integrated exhaust air system, which generates a slight negative pressure in the work area of the dispensing/sampling booth, permanently protects the ambient area against contamination (cross contamination).The dispensing/sampling booth can be loaded and unloaded with the material to be sampled manually using the lateral high-speed Pharma doors or automatic conveyor technology. Optionally with material entry and exit air locks. In order to install the sampling booth in a non-classified room (e.g. Material income store), there is the possibility of expanding a turbulently ventilated clean room (vestibule) with an integrated personnel airlock