ACCUSTAT™ – Isolation Room Pressure Sensor

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ACCUSTAT is an isolation room pressure sensor designed to monitor low negative or positive pressure differentials in accordance with CDC guidelines. Different versions of ACCUSTAT are available for different purposes:

ACCUSTAT™-ST : Installed outside isolation rooms. The ACCUSTAT™ provides continuous room pressure readings with an accuracy of .001” W.G. Audible and visual alarms are activated if the conditions exceed acceptable standards. Pressure transmitters are highly sensitive.

ACCUSTAT™-BMS : Connected with the BMS ( Building Management System) through a 4-20mA analog output

ACCUSTAT™-PR : Connected and control the isolation room fan filter units through a wired 4-20mA  analog output

ACCUSTAT™-P2 : Portable room pressure monitor with a large digital display and LED indicators to allow the user to set alarms set point. The battery offers 48 hours of operation on a single charge.